Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Monday Writing

The Dog Ate My Homework
Added on by Mala (original by Lukas )
Oh god. I was just enjoying a dream, and the alarm wakes me up with Max vol. Rock music; at 3:00am in the morning! I had to punch my alarm several times, before it decided to shut up. Sorry for my language, but I was really mad. I had probably only had 4 hours of sleep, for goodness sake! And  last night, I had smuggled my iPad under my pillow, and the second my dad closed the door, I hide under the sheets and played every game that I owned, and bought a whole lot more, I tell you! It was heaven, apart from the fact that I hadn’t planned ahead to 3:00am the next morning!
“Oh well”, I sighed.
Irritated, I stumbled toward the light switch, and here’s the second bad luck, and it wasn’t even 3:05 am in the morning. I flipped the switch, and nothing happened. Hooray! What could have been better than a power cut! It felt that morning that I was a magnet, and bad-luck was metal.
I faltered down the stairs to find the ‘back up’ torch. Tripping over your own feet in pitch darkness isn’t the most pleasurable thing to be doing, I assure you. After a whole lot of hopeless rummaging through cupboards, I finally found it. I flipped the switch, and the room flooded with yellow light. I probably shouldn’t have turned it on, because then I saw the complete chaotic mess that I made.
After half an hour of putting stuff away, I finally was ready to get dressed. I brushed my teeth and had a shower.
After ticking those things off my agenda, I needed to do my homework.

I shuffled upstairs. Slumping onto my desk, switched through my millions of files of data of homework that have been done.
Suddenly, I remembered that last week I printed out this week’s homework so I wouldn't have to do it in my free time with my chromebook
I shuffled through my my cobere’s and ripped through my draws and eventually i found my damp ripped homework with all of my dog’s slobber on it
I know we are not in America but that was worth half of my grade!!!
What do I tell Mrs. O’Shea ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm well last hoiladay I remember that I was so bored I made a homework excuse sheet and it was worth it…
Apart from the fact that all the animals I used were all made up creatures but I can change that.
Wait, I don’t lie to anyone so best not lie to the best teacher in the world (so far)
So I guess I might have to tell her the truth
( as always haha)
2 b continued!!!

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