Friday, 8 December 2017

Help me!
I tried to get out but it's impossible.
My time on earth may be expired.
I came here for a reason and that is to help you…
Your endanger and there is not much time left.
There coming soon and not for me but for you.
I am no human nether alien, I am no animal nor creator but I am you.
Not you in the past,present or future but I am you trapped in a bottle .    

Now get me out of here and allow me to explain how you can escape this place you call earth
Diwali is a time to celebrate with light color and dancing.
Its celebrated by millions of hindu, sadhus and jainism spread all around the world.
But today we get to experience some of the dancing in Owairaka district school.

They did not only show us there cultural dance but there acting out a story about how difficult it is if your thirst and you have have to walk mills to collect some water from the well.
They have movents through all parts of there bodys and conbind it to make the dance.

On diwali you normally give out money or gifts and then feast
During diwali the men get food for the family well the women clean their house believing that your taking all the bad spirits out and on the 5 day of diwali all the good spirits come to rest for the year.

दिवाली Happy diwali...

My dad is as strong as hulk
My sister is as nice as Mother Teresa
My brother is as rough and tumble as a bull  charging to a red flag
m y Oma is as loving as Nelson Mandela.
My oldest cousin is as talented a dancer as Paris Goble
My 11year old cousin is as funny Jerry Seinfeld
My 2 year old cousin is as cute bichon frise
My uncle is as busy as Oprah
My aunt is as kind as Gandhi
And I am as beautiful as Naomi Campbell

Cultural group
Owairaka primary school has been putting in there time to dance not only to the intan the school be to the public.
Hi my name is Mala and I was in the mexican group.
The thing I love most about cultural group is that you can be in any group, if you are togan you don't have to be in the tongan group you can be in whatever you like.
We get samons in the african, we get indians in the scottish and it doesn't matter as long as you're having fun.
Some moves I learnt in the mexican group was the maypole, leg move, elbows and a lot other moves.
In your cultural group  your not only dancing but your learning another caltra
If you don't want to be in a group that's okay because there is a group called the no group and that is when you get to do fun activities while everyone else is practicing…
Once cultural group particing is over there is a big day when all schools that have participated get to go to rocket park and get to enjoy other groups the have been practicing…
Did you know this year 2017 owairaka school hade 11 groups.

Thursday, 7 December 2017