Friday, 30 November 2018

Hello everyone.
This week I have been working on writing a visual description.
This is the finishing work.
What you do is... Read and draw these instructions.
By the end you should know what your drawing.
Comment what you think a at a Nrocinu with a photo of your work and i'll tell you what it is.
What is a Nrocinu ?

First draw a oval shaped stomach. (Horizontal)
Then draw 4 short and stubby legs connected to the stomach.
Attached to the legs are 4 small hooves.
Nrocinu’s has a long neck connected to the top of their body.
Nrocinu’s have a horse shaped head.
They have a thick tail and a spiky but elegant mane.
On the top of their head is a narrow triangle shaped horn.
There are 2 stars on its hip/back and next to their tail.
Now you can draw 1 eye with lashes and an eyebrow
Draw a curved mouth and a nostril
If wanted you can add little face expressions and ears.

If you want follow these steps and color your pic in.
The body, legs and head are white with a bit of sparkle.
The the tail and mane and and a rainbow ombre.
The horn is gold and so are the stars.
The hooves are brown.

Can you figure out what it is?

If so take a photo of your work and tell me what you think it is.

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